Exterior Services

Coverage for any Exterior Project 

Whether you are looking to refresh your home's exterior or completely change its look, you can count on M&R Paint Solutions of North Georgia and Atlanta to deliver quality exterior work that will leave your home the winner of the neighborhood. Ask us about our free color consultation and estimates.

Stucco Repair

Chipping and Flaking stucco? Stucco gives the home a classic Italian style villa look to the home. Beautiful and timeless, stucco can be a difficult material to repair and work with. We make it easy to apply fresh stucco and even match it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home!

Exterior Painting

Home needs a paint freshening up? Or are you wanting to completely modernize your house? Well the M&R home specialists can help you with that! No need to worry about paint application and clean up anymore. We can ensure you a beautiful exterior at a competitive price.

Pressure Washing

Car oil and penerated mud stains can be hard to look and nevermore, harder to look at. But with the right equipment, even the toughest stains can be lifted away! Our rotary surface cleaner and strong PSI pressure washers will help restore the look of any surface. 

Your Exterior Home Experts of Atlanta

M&R Paint Solutions is compliant with Home Owner Association rules and regulations. We promise to help every client each step of the way because your home should be your biggest accomplishment and pride and we want every client to come home to a house they are proud to reside in.